Offshore Entertainment Systems

Loyal crew members on ships and rigs around the world regularly spend long periods at sea. They can keep in touch with loved ones via satellite communications, but other on-board entertainment is necessary to their well-being and morale. 

VSAT enabled satellite television systems provide access to the latest news, TV shows and sports, reliably and globally. 

Satellite television signals are received by a parabolic TVRO (TV Receive Only) antenna. The signals are then processed and distributed via IPTV (Internet Protocol TV), DVB-C or DVB-T. 

Using IPTV, you can capture TV and video content directly from any source. You then manage its delivery, as channels or within digital signage screens, to any device connected to your existing network. 

Therefore, it is easy to distribute live TV, video on demand, movies, sports events and music. But, from a business perspective, you can just as easily distribute training materials or recorded messages or meetings that crew members can access flexibly. 

Offshore Communication specialise in maintaining, installing and testing offshore entertainment systems. Contact us to discuss your requirements.