Safety and Security in Offshore Naval Communications

Which technology is required?

Naval operations require connectivity among a diverse set of platforms such as submarines, surface ships, shore sites and aircraft. Applications include command, control, battle management, dissemination of data, tracking and engagement of targets and many more.

Each platform and application presents unique challenges. For example, subsurface communications that require global connectivity. 

Communications are usually terrestrial (line of sight), terrestrial (relay), or satellite. Optical technologies are being explored in the form of tethered buoys, and laser beams are also being considered for specialised applications. 

Until recently, these technologies had limited networking capability, but new systems are being designed to improve this while working with existing equipment.

Which technology is available?

Integrated communications control systems (ICCS) provide efficient, secure and reliable communications for any type of warship. Multi-functional units (MFU) reduce ship’s cabling. Communications to and from terminals are encrypted. 

Ongoing support is crucial to ensure communications systems are dependable and fit for purpose. Regular auditing is essential for potential enhancements and upgrades, periodic maintenance and obsolescence planning for hardware and software. 

Advanced communication hardware uses bespoke waveforms and well-equipped operations rooms. Strategic advantage is achieved with higher bandwidth, clarity of throughput and data dependability, over significant distances and in wide-ranging operational environments. Advanced technology can provide life-saving early warning of otherwise invisible threats.

New software-based protection can easily be installed on port, terminal, ship or offshore operational technology systems. These include cargo handling equipment, machinery controls and navigation systems. Software provides instant protection without lengthly approval certificate processes or waiting for suppliers to upgrade or replace existing critical systems. 

This new software solution offers complete detection, prevention and alert capabilities for all existing and modern systems. It blocks unauthorised network intrusions and .exe files.

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