VSAT System Maintenance

System Maintenance matters!

As you can see in the image this is a damaged mounting point on an enclosed VSAT assembly that was located on an offshore drilling platform in the North Sea just off the coast of Norway. 

The failure was caused by three contributing factors:

  • Heavy seas and wave action
  • Dish out of balance
  • Lack of lubrication in the bearing

The elements, the maintenance schedule and a heavy sea situation exasperated the already fatigued mounting point and caused it to fracture under the stress.

The system was quickly secured and taken offline, and personnel had to be flown from shore with spare parts and materials.

Offshore Communications has the personnel and expertise to train your workers how to perform these critical onsite inspections and to offer system maintenance, calibrations, and inspections.  

The after-action report indicated that the time between visual inspections should be decreased and that after rough sea and abnormal environmental conditions that the VSAT system should be accessed and visually inspected by trained personnel.

Offshore Communications specializes in maintaining, installing, and testing these critical systems and is a preferred service provider for many brands.

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